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assoc. prof. Dana Řezníčková (head of the Centre)

assoc. prof. Miroslav Marada

dr. Tomáš Matějček

dr. David Hána

dr. Martin Hanus

dr. Lenka Havelková

dr. Tereza Kocová

dr. Jakub Jelen

+ other Ph.D and Master students


Activities of the Centre aim at the research and development of all aspects of the geographical and

environmental education. These can be distinguished into four different areas:

  • empirical and applied research

  • expert consultations and assessments of educational policy and curricula

  • teacher training and pedagogy (including lifelong courses for teachers)

  • publication (research papers, methodological texts, textbooks etc.)

The members of the Centre are experienced in the solution of the national and internationalresearch project.

Example of the activities of the Centre:

Research activities at the level of the intended/planned, implemented and achieved geographical and environmental curriculum at all educational levels and types of schools. I.e., comparative analyses of geographical curricula, the effects of curricular reform on the transformation of geographical and environmental education; specification of geographical literacy, geographical skills:

specifications, methods and implementation; young people´s motivation to study geography;

geographical preconceptions and misconceptions, Geography graduates in the labour market etc.

Expert consultancy of conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues of geographical education at the primary, secondary and tertiary level of education in the national and international context. Participation in the TIMSS, PISA and TIGAS projects. Organization of the Czech Geographical Olympiad.

Members of the Centre train geography teachers at bachelor and master level and lecture and supervise at PhD level of studies. Moreover, they run lifelong courses for geography teachers, among other the Geography teachers network.


The Centre is open to any cooperation, including PhD studies in the field of Geographical and Environmental education, as well as international research and/or teaching cooperation in the field.

Do not hesitate to contact any of the members in case of interest.

Open Calls for PhD studies:


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Centrum geografického a environmentálního vzdělávání

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doc. RNDr. Dana Řezníčková, Ph.D.

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